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Kings Park Psychiatric Center - Kings Park NY Real Haunts

  • W 4th Street
  • Kings Park, NY
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Established in 1885, the Kings Park Psychiatric Center was originally constructed to be a beacon for mental healthcare, aiming to avoid the overcrowding and deplorable conditions of similar institutions during that era. Sadly, as time went on the center would grow to suffer from the same problems it sought to rectify. At its height in 1953, the facility was home to 9,303 patients and its original mantra of rest and relaxation for the ill had been abandoned in favor of more dramatic procedures such as lobotomies and electro-shock therapy.

As modern medicine began to better treat the mentally ill, the need for a facility as large as the Kings Park Psychiatric Center dwindled proportionally. It would officially close in 1996, but the spirits of those who once lived there remain in those buildings which still stand, empty and abandoned by the living.

Though trespassing on the Psychiatric Center's grounds is entirely illegal and the facility is now regularly patrolled by police, locals and visitors to Kings Park have still been known to sneak into some of the abandoned hospital's buildings*, leading to a large amount of vandalism and graffiti in the decaying psych center. There have also been reports of ghosts paranormal happenings within the campus. Trespasses claim to have seen apparitions, heard disembodied screams, and witnessed doors open or close on their own.

Those who visit the bar, D.S. Shanahan's, which is located just outside of the Kings Park Psychiatric Center's grounds, have also made similar claims. A female apparition allegedly appears at the bar from time to time, but quickly vanishes when approached. Employees and visitors have said they've witnessed the unidentified ghost standing in the hallway, or even sitting at the bar.

Locals have also spotted ghosts through the windows of multiple buildings on the old campus and have reported hearing the screams of patients who died there. The rattling of chains has also been heard, and it is not uncommon to hear tales of strange phenomena from those who have broken into the site. Access inside the buildings is now prohibited, but local roads and paths allow for a look at their creepy exterior.
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  • edp445

    i went there yesterday with my mom and brother and got really creepy vibes. talked with a chill security guard and said it was easy to get in. going back now

    Posted 5/16/20

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  • Mysterious Police officer

    About six years ago, one of my friend recommended to visit kings park psychiatrist center. We reached there sometime after 2 A.M. we found a cops car is parked there. Since I have researched earlier it's trespassing to be there, I got out of the car and walked up to the officer. I told him that I'm lost and how do I get to my destination. When we talk to someone, we try to have an eye contact, correct? But I was not able to locate his eyes. But I didn't take it seriously since there's different kinds of light and stuff, I have just ignored it. Officer told me to make the left at the first light and I will be on the way. But I wasn't able to make the turn. Then I made a U turn and made a right turn. And I found the same police car in front of me. We entered the highway at the same time. About the same speed. His car suddenly just vanished away from our sight. There was no exit, not place to park or hide. He wasn't just there anymore

    Posted 10/17/18

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  • Hauntings

    I have gone here hundreds of times before. For the most part nothing happened at least in the beginning. I was there with my professional camera and while trying to take a picture of a stairwell my camera was glitchy. So I stepped back and went to try again, this time when the flash went off, in that split second some man screamed at me with a lot of anger. There was no one there. I went home and looked at my photos and found in that specific picture an orb in the far bottom dark part of the picture. They were all over my photos. I go back a month or so later to celebrate my birthday. I had a feeling to walk out into the hallway and I was alone. As I’m walking I hear someone running towards me. The noise gets louder as if they were running at me and there was no one there. I stood there as it came closer and closer and when it got about an arm length away, the running stopped and I was hit with a huge gust of freezing cold air. It was like someone had ran right through me. I tried to communicate with this entity but nothing else had happened. About a few weeks following this extremely weird experience I went back and I had a lighter explode into hundreds of pieces. I had a feeling in my chest like I was not alone. People tell stories but to have three separate experiences myself I know that there are souls left inside those buildings and they are not the friendly kind.

    Posted 8/3/18

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  • Kings park

    Found it driving up the north shore my girl thought it was a old college campus .

    Posted 3/14/18

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