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Mary's Grave - Real Haunted Place

  • Shep Jones Road
  • St. James, NY
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Mary’s Grave is one of the most famous haunted locations on Long Island, despite the fact that there is little agreement on where exactly the grave is actually located, or who Mary was. In many versions of the Mary story, she lived around the time of the Revolutionary War. In one tale, Mary was caught cheating on her boyfriend, who in turn hanged her from a tree. In another, her boyfriend was the one who cheated on her while he was enlisted in the military; she murdered him in the woods after finding out, but her actions were discovered and the townspeople in turn killed her in the same spot. Yet another version states that the boyfriend was a sailor in the navy who never returned from sea; overcome with grief, Mary hanged herself from a tree outside her home.

According to these stories, if you come across the spot where she died you may see Mary’s body still hanging from a tree. It has also been said that if you park your car in front of Mary’s home, flash your headlights, honk your horn, and turn the vehicle off, it won’t start again when you try to turn it back on.

Mary has also been described as a witch who kidnapped and killed children until she was found out and burned at the stake by local townsfolk, who then buried her ashes in a potter’s field. She has alternatively been described as a young woman who was set upon by two boys and then killed right outside her own home. Supposedly her grave is located in the woods behind her house, but if you attempt to photograph her tombstone the image will come out blank. Near her house there is also said to be small store building; allegedly if you hold a cross and knock on the door three times you will wake the dead.

The grave has been conversely described as being in Head of the Harbor, Huntington, Stony Brook, and Mount Sinai. One of the most concrete locations given is Shep Jones Road in St. James; according to this version Mary’s house was located on the side of this road, and she was murdered there in her sleep by her own mother. Mary was buried in the field behind the house, and her spirit is said to still haunt the surrounding area. People have reported hearing voices and feeling cold spots or hot spots in the woods at night.
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  • location of the playhouse

    route to cordwood Park in St James, NY. it'll be a couple steps away on the side of the road, by the water. you can't miss it. if you're taking harbor Hill, it'll be on your right. be careful and please show respect for this monument. we found traces of a dead rabbit used ritualistically. pls don't do that

    Posted 2/23/24

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  • I used to go there as a teenager I can not find it

    Can someone please tell me the directions. My friend used to drive me and my friends to her “play house” and it freaked us out so much we used to see so many creepy things and always felt like someone was there and then he would take us to the house with the candles. Tonight I took my boyfriend to show him and could not find it for the life of me, I was so excited to show him. We don’t get out much bc we have our 5 year old son but we got him to sleep left him with. My grandparents and went. I really want to show my boyfriend (sons father) we went up and down Shep jones road and couldn’t find anything.

    Posted 1/28/24

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  • where is this place!!?

    i live close by and for the life of me cannot locate the house. HELP PLEASE

    Posted 11/21/21

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  • Wat??

    So, I was on my way up the driveway. As soon as I got glimpse of the house I felt a soft child like hand run down my back. I stayed at the house for a few more hours. I heard a child laugh and the inside smelled like rotting flesh. I say in the room a sleeping girl covered in blood. I ran so fast it felt like I wasn't even moving. All I can say is that house has some stories to tell.

    Posted 2/17/21

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  • Mary scared me for life

    When I went there it was about 2 years ago.. I personally went there myself to see if the legends were really true. Obviously I went in the dark, and as you expected there was a candle light in the window. I heard that there was a grave yard near the house so I went near there and i had a great feeling being followed by someone. As walking around the graveyard, I swear I had saw a woman crying on a gravestone. She looked very pale when I shined my light on her. Honestly, I had a sick feeling when she went silent for a good 2 slow seconds. When she looked up at me she looked so scary! She had black eyes no white in them pale skin long ass hair and a white 1950s dress. It had me running screaming out of there.

    Posted 10/15/20

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  • Mary’s Grave

    We went there after a bunch of beers to the grave site and as soon as we turned down the road of her gravesite our headlights hit the grave stone and it looked like she was turning to look at us .. So we all jumped out of the car and ran up to the headstone and found out what we were looking at was the shiny part of the stone that looked like a female figure , the other part of the Stone was rough marble so it looked like a female figure all BS but fun as hell doing it had a blast

    Posted 10/9/20

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  • (experience) a year ago from today

    it was 3 when we go there. we investigated it. i was 12 that time. it was a year ago. my friends who were 15,15,16,and 18 yrs old. the five of us decided to play around.this was a year ago. okay so we played around, my friend heard voices(lets use real names lol)mickaela asked us if we heard voices, everyone was about to answer "no i havent" or "no i didnt hear anything" but before we could say, there was a big loud bang.we went to the place but jonathan said (18 lol) "guys. lets get out of here" we insisted on sayng "no" to investigate. so we did we parted, but since i was 12 then one of my friends insisted on coming with me. so we parted,we heard a scream. we went there and aaliyah said "i saw a girl. about 18-25 she had dark brown hair,green eyes,pale skin,and she was wearing a black dress."she was 15, she was scared and crying. elias said "wait i thought it was just me." mikaela froze. and jonathan stared. and at the corner of my eye i see it. jonathan shakes me and goes "are you ok?" i said "no" elias' eyes were wide open i was lost. but my mouth spoke on its own. i said unconciously "shes here" everyone froze,aaliyah ran into elias' arms, mikaela ran into jonathans,i fainted. i woke up in the car,jonathan was panicking, actually everyone was.. but all i felt was. 'im safe' i felt like i was safe like i belonged here. i asked what happened. aaliyah was crying. sobbing. full of tears. elias was comforting her. mikaela and jonathan were in the front seats. jonathan was driving, he said "the car isnt working" out of nowhere i went out the car and the car started working.i remember elias saying. "THERES SOMEONE BEHIND YOU" everyone was yelling for me to go back in. i turned around. i saw nothing, but a white dress, i remembered the air smelt like sandal wood, fel like i was camping, i felt at home, i felt safe.jonathan rushed out of the car. and carried me in the car, we drove home, but before that, i remember hearing someone say "we will meet again." in my ear, me and the four have parted, we are no longer friends. thats all.

    Posted 9/11/20

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  • NOT AN EXPERIENCE (more details)

    So the light have seen on the window of the mansion is of a candle. Apparently if you are in a car in front of the driveway of the mansion... the number of people in the car is how many candles will be lit. And one story which is supposedly said to be the one which is most believed is that when mary was a kid she would murder animals in her clubhouse. and when she grew up she became a murderer and killed her family. In the grief she hung herself on a tree which is in the backyard of the mansion

    Posted 6/5/20

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  • I was choked

    Ok so I went there with friend once and I stared to make fun of the “ghost” that I thought weren’t there but then I stared choking on nothing then passed out was then rushed to the hospital I came back and yelled sorry like 5 times

    Posted 5/20/20

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  • I snuck in never do that!!!!!

    Ok so I been hearing about it so I investigated the place a year ago and it was bad I went to every room I felt a lot of cold spots and I had a lot of marks on my back I even stared coming and passed out and was with a friend thank god for her I will never go there again even being in a car and driving past there gives me the chills

    Posted 5/20/20

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  • Mary's grave

    I once heard that Mary murdered her family in her house and I saw a video on Youtube, it said that the property of Mary's house was signed by a person. It said that if you trespass you will be charged. The people i watched was caught by the cops and they said that person who signed the paper LIVED IN THAT EXACT HOUSe. I thought that was crazy i mean if you live there get the house fixed. (not trying to be rude)

    Posted 12/29/19

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  • Mary’s Grace

    Been here a few times with friends. I drive twice- my car cut off, music turned off and static cane through the radio. I tried to turn around and my car wouldn’t go in reverse! When I didn’t drive, I always had an uneasy feeling.. like I was being watched. There were dead animals decaying by the clubhouse. We walked back behind the house to the gravesite, but couldn’t get that far. We heard a girl laughing and an energy in-line anything I ever experienced. Lights started appearing in the windows so we bailed.

    Posted 5/1/19

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  • Why are there gandels?

    When I got there my friend said that there is a candle on on the window then I had I question why is there a candle

    Posted 3/24/19

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  • Mary's grave

    It was pretty creepy there was a planned door and it was pitch dark when I put light on the room there was a little dress and a wall with paint and she used the red paint and it spelled out MARRY when I went to the stoned play house I saw a stone that read out majestic and it looked like there was some duck tape the creepiest part was I saw a Ouija box and a squirrel or some type of animal fly past me and the house looked like someone just left because It looked like nobody has even touched it I would not recommend you going because when I tried to leave my truck would start and I kept hearing a crying dog

    Posted 2/9/19

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  • when i went to mary's grave

    there was a light in the window and there was a door in the inside there was a little girls dress and said mary's name written in red

    Posted 12/5/18

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  • Mary was a little girl

    Through the day I have been watching lots of videos of my favourite youtubers reviewing “Mary’s Grave” and I researched a bit. I was confused by all of the different tales of the story but the one I firmly believe was that Mary was a young girl who didn’t have any friends except the animals so her dad built her a clubhouse where she would hang out with her animal friends. One day she started to kill the animals and quite quickly, that escalated to killing her brother and her father. The townspeople found Mary asleep next to her dead father who was covered in blood and romour has it they hung her from a tree which if you go to, you can see the burn marks from the rope!! That’s all I know....

    Posted 11/15/18

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  • Mary?

    To be honest, I don’t believe in ghosts. but the story feels like something out of a horror story.. the type of story I heard was she was a little girl and she had a mental illness and killed animals in what she called her clubhouse. It became a real problem and she murderered her family. She either hung herself or the town’s people hung her.

    Posted 10/26/18

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