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  • Sweet Hollow road
  • Huntington, NY
In addition to being located right next to Mount Misery, a ghastly location in its own right, Sweet Hollow Road is the site of several ghostly legends. The most tragic among them states that a school bus full of children was driving along the Northern State overpass bridge above Sweet Hollow Road on a snowy day. After its driver lost control, the bus skidded off the bridge, killing everyone inside. It is said that if you stop your car under the bridge and put it in neutral the spirits of the deceased children will push you forward. That same bridge is also the subject of another story in which three boys allegedly hanged themselves; if you look up at the overpass while driving underneath it you may catch a glimpse of their bodies.

Another legend involves a day camp which supposedly existed along the road during the 1930s. Some of the children who went to the camp are said to have been abused or even killed, and their spirits can occasionally be seen walking along the road wearing ‘30s clothing, though they quickly vanish. Sweet Hollow Road is also said to be home to a police officer who was shot and killed. His ghost still patrols the street and will pull motorists over from time to time, but after letting them go he turns about to return to his car only to have his head blown off by a shotgun.

Finally, the road is also the subject of one of the Mary’s Grave legends. This version takes place centuries after most of the others, but still involves a young woman named Mary who suffered a tragic fate. Mary is said to have gotten into a fight with her boyfriend while driving down the road and was then either pushed out of the car by him or jumped out of it herself; in either event, she was quickly hit by oncoming traffic and died. Some say you can still see a lady in white walking along the side of the road, and that she will jump in front of your car when you pass. Mary’s grave and tombstone are also alleged to be located in a small cemetery on Sweet Hollow Road.
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  • Unsettling heavy presence

    I work at the old property by rte 25 and all I can say is the energy at that place feels almost evil. I was in one of the rooms and there was no airflow but the door slammed closed very fast out of nowhere. My work friend asked me “who closed the door??” I told her I didn’t see anyone walk by or shut the door. Walking on the property and into the building just feels overall unsettling and heavy. Lots of energy that is stuck. Angry energy.

    Posted 5/16/24

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  • Stupid

    Literally just a road, houses everywhere. People live there.

    Posted 3/12/24

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  • Who needs gas when you have children

    This is extremely true, I live in the area so I decided to go test out the myth after going on a 7/11 run at 2 am. So I did the usual, put the car in neutral and then I felt the car moving and children laughing. But they were also tired because I drive a 2005 chevy impala.

    Posted 2/29/24

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  • nothing paranormal happened to us, but its a cool drive

    I lived in South Huntington for a few yrs with an ex-BF who was more familiar with the area than me, and he suggested we do the Sweet Hollow Road drive at night, and go under the bridge. it's a cool drive, because it feels very "upstate," rural and wooded with West Hills park on both sides of you. it doesn't feel like you're on LI with Rte 110 and trip malls just a few blocks way. as you drive S on Sweet Hollow towards the Northern State overpass, Jayne's Hill will be on your left (east side), the tallest point on LI at approx 400', which is quite a distinction to have on our otherwise pretty flat and featureless island. I didn't experience the eerie quiet everyone else describes, especially not under the NSP overpass. when we parked under it, I could hear the definite sound of the car wheels on the road of the parkway above. we didn't go that late, stay that long, or venture out of the car. nothing paranormal happened to us, and as much as I say that I want something to happen to me, I'm sort of glad it didn't because I'm not sure how I would've reacted, plus that area was VERY close to where we lived. cool drive, and it definitely has a spooky ambiance, but I can't corroborate anyone else's paranormal experiences with one of my own.

    Posted 11/3/23

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  • It’s real

    I recently decided to explore more haunted/abandoned areas in my late 20s. Living 15 mins from here, I enjoy the spooky drive up and down this road. I drive here multiple times a week at night. I cannot stress enough, DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR AT NIGHT. This place has an eerie pull/draw that I am guilty of being intrigued of and it knows it. This land is very cursed. At first, I thought it was silly. I’ve been here as a teenager and definitely spooked but nothing like now. Mary has shown her face in my face in my rear view mirror. DO NOT LOOK AT HER. I did not acknowledge and she disappeared. I am used to spirits making themselves known and she definitely will make herself known and is not scared. She does not only where a white dress but her entire face is white as well and she will open her mouth wide at you to scare you. Again, do not look at her the best you can. Do not carry this fear, there is a reason you are on this side. Moving on, this does not scare me so I’ve driven multiple times since then. Tonight I went for a drive around 11pm. It is raining and all around probably not the best night to go but I needed an escape. Driving in, the gates to the cemetery were wide open. It says it’s open from 8:30am-4:30am but the gates are usually always closed at night. I have never ever ever seen them open. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. Driving up more I notice the roads were a mess.. it almost looks like there was a car accident in one tree because it was ruined but no signs of any accident. As I start to drive more and more down the road.. all of the trees look like they’ve been shredded by something extremely wild. Deers running around frantic.. all around the heaviest feeling I’ve felt and it didn’t feel like Mary. Doing my U turn to come back down, passing the cemetery again.. I get this strong sense of pull and of course I am extremely curious but something told me to not go in. Gates wide open. Be very weary of this place and do not go if you have 0 knowledge of what presence is here. Please read this and all the other comments. This place is dangerous (but I’d go again)

    Posted 9/24/23

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  • This road is dangerous

    Warning mount misery is dangerous stay away . It was December of 2011 Christmas was only 1 week away . After dinner me and my boyfriend who is now my husband heard a lot about sweet hollow and where curious and decided to check it out after driving down this pitch black narrow road surrounded by forest we made a right turn and ended up on mount misery road we start driving towards a dead end as we got closer we noticed a very tall man has just walked out of the woods we were maybe 30 ft away but it was close enough to see a very aggressive look on his face just staring us down than we noticed 4 more guys exiting the woods with him soon as we went in reverse they all got i this black car we turned around we quick as we can they chased us out all the way to the Long Island expressway not sure if they were ghost or a bunch of assholes just trying to scare us but regardless it was beyond terrifying I had never been so scared in my entire life I still to this day get nightmares from it never going to back

    Posted 9/19/23

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  • Believe what you heard.

    This is my first experience at Sweet Hollow Rd/ Mt Misery. Back in the summer of 2014, my friend who had recently moved to Long Island had heard the legends about Sweet Hollow Road and thought it'd be fun if we all went there. So one night 5 of us got together and headed out to Huntington to check it out. We got there around 9 pm so the sun was down and it began to drizzle; an eerily fitting change of weather set the tone for the night ahead. We finally arrived and the first thing I noticed is that once you start down Mt. Misery away from the main road, visibility diminishes unbelievably fast. It was unnaturally dark, everything that wasn't in front of some kind of light source seemed to be part of an endless void. We eventually reached a lot with a playground at the end of it and decided (stupidly) to leave the car and set out on foot. We began to walk towards the foliage opposite the playground. The air in the area was heavy and I felt this feeling that something didn't want us there. As we walked farther away from the car 2 of the friends I was with paused and asked us if we just heard what they did. They claimed to hear children nearby which was odd because they heard the sounds so clearly while the rest of us heard nothing. Suddenly, the same two friends who heard the sounds of children froze and peered deeper into the brush in front of us. After a few seconds they turned around and bolted back to the car with us trailing behind them. We made it to the car terrified and ready to get the hell outta there but another one of my friends who was there stopped in front of the passenger door and stared in the direction of the playground looking almost hypnotized. We screamed for him to get back in the car and he quickly hopped in and we got out of there as fast as we could. I wish the story ended there but it didn't. While we were driving off, we were all trying to figure out what the other saw. The two who claimed to hear children said they saw figures in the woods moving frantically toward us. When we asked the friend who lingered outside of the passenger side why there was no sense of urgency for him to get in the car he said he saw red eyes near where we parked and they began to rush toward him. "It looked like a hell hound." he told us. About 5 minutes after telling each other our experience the same friend who said he saw a hell hound grew quiet. We called his name but he had this blank expression on his face and he felt cold. His eyes were fixed on the floor of the passenger side of the car and he wasn't responding to us at all. One my friends who was directly behind his thought recklessly to choke him to get a response be he still sat there staring at the floor of the car motionless not even red from the blood that must've rushed to his head during the hold. He eventually snapped out of it and gasped for air like he was held under water. When we asked what happened to him he simply replied: "I don't know". Toward the end of the drive, my friend driving looked where the others gaze had been fixed by the floor of the passenger side and he immediately looked up and asked: "I'm going to ask you only one question: whatever you were just seeing did it have a hat?". My friend looked up slowly and him and shakily replied: "Yeah." This was the first time I had been to Mt. Misery. I know other people who had gone who had claimed to see the lady in white and someone resembling a fisherman on the side of the road. I am not a superstitious person but there is no doubt in my mind that that place is evil.

    Posted 5/4/21

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  • no joke

    me and my brother went there to see if it was a joke the woman in white came from out the woods right in frount you need to go here

    Posted 3/22/21

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  • The craziest thing to ever happen to us

    My brother, his gf and I went the weekend before Halloween. We drove down the road, where his gf and him, in the front seat, saw something kind of hovering in front of the car. We stopped in the little park area, and it was pitch black. We were totally silent, and his gf and I were going to get out to explore but he told us he would leave us if we did, so we stayed. As we were sitting there, we heard footsteps coming towards the car, as if from the woods. They sounded like they were walking on leaves, my brother and I said, or gravel, his gf said. Then, shushing each other, we heard a wailing or moaning noise also coming from the woods. There was nobody else around, and we would have seen a flashlight coming from the woods if it was actually a human, because, as I said, it was really dark. No human would have been able to see where they were going in the woods. It literally sounded like a woman moaning, like the tale of the woman in white. We stayed there for a few moments longer and continued to hear both the wailing and the crunching footsteps. Scared, my brother decided we were leaving and we did, but we took with us that scary experience. And we will be going back soon, next time to visit Mary Hatchet´s grave. We can´t wait!

    Posted 12/20/20

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    it is a halloween night and my friends and I decided to go to Sweet Hollow Road in huntington. we thought it was just a joke and was just a dark narrow road until we came across the bridge and return the car to neutral. The first few seconds nothing happened until the cars started to move backwards. if felt like we were going forward but when you looked out the window we were going backwards. The ghost kept pushing us back to the same spot underneath the bridge. we soon went out of the road and we used baby powder behind the truck in front of the truck. we went back to the same spot and we heard three beeps and there were loud tapping noises on the car. It was continuously as we went backwards faster this time and had a short stop. The car kept being stopped at the end of the bridge as of the ghost were telling us to leave. when we left the area we noticed there were three weird water droplets on the window even though it has not rain and the baby powder in the front had strange marks and went up the car to the roof. we left with the strange feeling and my friends and i felt warm after we left.

    Posted 11/1/20

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  • Proceed with caution!!!

    My daughters and I out of curiosity drove down Sweet Hollow Rd. Being cautious and not knowing what to expect, did actually experienced a couple of things. First, there was an area before the bridge that gave us a feeling that there was severe pressure pulling the car down as well as sucking the life right out of us. Next, was when we stopped at the end of the bridge and put the car in park, as we sat there my daughter was watching the yellow lines in the road as I was watching the grassy edge the ground seemed to be slowing moving forward giving us the feeling that we we’re going backwards. It was quite interesting, and I wish I had an explanation. But I don’t.

    Posted 10/21/20

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  • WARNING!!!!!

    Please do not go there!! I haven’t been able to sleep!! There is a spell on me and my family since we went there!! I have blood shot eyes that haven’t gone away with high fever that is not Covid we were tested all of us and the results are inconclusive for all of us.. we got out of our car and went up to the back side of the cemetery to see what all the hype was when we heard a moaning noise then a high pitch squeal. The ground got soft as we ran back to the car like quick sand. When we got to the car the trunk was open with a white dress in it that stunk of fish sticks and salami ! My son shit his pants. It was a mess we needed the shamwow and magic eraser just to clean the mess. Please don’t go unless you are prepared for this!!!

    Posted 10/5/20

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  • surprising!!

    when i was driving with my friends , we saw a lady dressed in white on the side of the road. we kept going and then all of a sudden she was right in front of the car about 500 feet away and we stopped. right in front of our eyes, she disappeared. shortly after that we heard a quiet crying and moaning sound...it was terrifyingly fun and we will go again!!!!!!

    Posted 8/14/20

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  • Surprised!

    I went with a bunch of friends a few years ago. Put baby powder on the back bumper and put the car in neutral. The car went through the overpass and just stopped. Powder also yielded interesting results. Can’t wait to go again!!

    Posted 3/11/20

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  • The Curse Of Goose Hill Road

    Back in the early 1700s-1800s in cold spring harbor New York, there was a red barn house that still exists’ today up on goose hill road and it has been told that it was a slaughterhouse for animals to make food but one day the kids of the owner of the slaughterhouse were killed after playing around with the tools while there dad was out looking for animals to kill but legend says that at 7:11pm the time the kids were killed at scream in pain and agony and hear the dad cry their names out 40 minutes later and saying “THEY TOOK THEM TOO SOON” until when it hits Midnight you can feel the hand of the kids on your leg and say “where are you going new friend?”

    Posted 8/13/19

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