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Long Island's Haunted Schools, College Campuses, & Universities - Get an Education in Long Island's Scariest Schools!

Did you know that many of ##Region##'s most prestigious Colleges and universities are believed to be haunted? With campuses dating back hundreds of years, and schools built upon old estates, and public properties, it's no wonder that so many ghosts and ghouls are still enrolled at some of ##Region##'s scariest schools! Find out all about ##Region##'s most haunted schools, and get an education on the haunted history of ##Region##!
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    This campus dates back to 1712 and features a three-story windmill that stands as one of Long Island's oldest. Relocated in 1890 from Southampton Town, it served as a landmark for seafaring ships, before standing at its present location, as part of the Claflin Estate. The windmill was also once used as a former cottage and housed guests like Tennessee Williams, who reportedly created... Read More

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