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Spooky Walk: A Seemingly Endless Path through Frightening Woods!

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The all-volunteer force at Spooky Walk in Center Moriches has been providing Eastern Long Island with delightful frights since 1989, terrifying locals and visitors from all over and doing so for a great cause. All proceeds taken in by Spooky Walk go directly to the benefit of Camp Pa-Qua Tuck, a summer camp dedicated to helping children and young adults with physical and developmental disabilities. That the cost of admission is in essence a charitable donation is far from the only reason that Spooky Walk is a fantastic value, however; the haunt stretches over a long swathe of land filled with all sorts of creepy scenes and can take up to 45 minutes to walk through, making it one of the longest-lasting haunts around!

Major Highlights
Spooky Walk is the longest-lasting single haunted attraction I have personally ever been to, and there is a wide variety of scenes along the trail. With plenty to see and do, this is as much a fantastic value as it is an excellent haunt.

Line Queue Entertainment: There didn’t seem to be much in the way of line queue entertainment (though my group went early and did not have a long wait), but there are refreshments, a DJ, and a dance area outside of the haunt so you can expect  to have a lot of fun even after you’ve hiked through Spooky Walk.

Overall Length: Up to 45 minutes, depending on your pace.

Appropriate For: Older children and adults. Some of the scenes may be too frightening for young children, but braver kids may make it through without a problem. Parents are advised to use their best discretion.

Ticket Pricing: $15

Location and Visibility: Found on Chet Swezey Road in Center Moriches, Spooky Walk has a large grass parking lot with traffic directors outside. It is well lit and should be easy to spot.

Parking: Free parking is available; you will be directed into a spot by one of the volunteers.

A Deeper Look
Located at Camp Pa-Qua Tuck in Center Moriches, Spooky Walk is a small trek from my home on the North Shore, but the trip quickly proved well worth it as my companions and I hiked through the longest haunt to which we have ever been. When the gates to Spooky Walk open guests find themselves in a cramped, confined space (an unexpected twist, as the haunt is predominantly outdoors) crawling with creepy creatures and strange monsters waiting to give their next victim a good fright. Some are quite loud, screaming and banging against the walls, while others prefer a more subtle approach, sneaking up on patrons and shocking them when least expected! This is merely the opening scene for the haunted trail, but it is fantastically assembled and truly sets the tone for what is to come.

Upon exiting this first scene and reaching the open trail, it soon becomes apparent that no step along this haunted walk is safe. There may be no walls or discernable hide-holes around, but the trees provide plenty of cover for all sorts of spooks to stay unseen and stalk behind guests. Even when walking between scenes or outside of themed areas, a crazed axe murderer or horrifying monster can pop out from seemingly nowhere at any given moment.

As has been mentioned, guests are in for a long stroll when they come to Spooky Walk, and this is not simply due to the physical distance of the haunt, but also a result of the density of scenes and themed buildings that they will pass through. Classic Horror characters make appearances throughout the attraction and are particularly fond of Camp Crystal Lake, clowns have their own little circus of terror, pirates have taken over the section of the path nearest water, inmates seem to be running the asylum at a dilapidated psychiatric ward, and zombies have gathered together in search of fresh brains.

A Personal favorite was the Nightmare Before Christmas scene; though the familiar faces of some beloved Halloween Town residents offered my group a friendly greeting here, this area also provided some of the best scares of the night and had at least one of us jumping in fright. Oogie Boogie later reappeared, in a manner of speaking, further along the trail where he had opened up a night club, giving guests a brief reprieve from all the frights and a chance to dance with some of the ghoulish inhabitants who have taken over Camp Pa-Qua Tuck, or even sit down in the lounge area for a photo op with one of the ghostly partygoers.

After making it all the way through Spooky Walk, guests will return to the area from which they entered. Anyone who worked up an appetite on the 45-minute journey through the woods will be happy to discover all kinds of tasty treats available, including candy apples, cotton candy, cupcakes, hot  dogs, hamburgers, fresh roast corn, and beverages. T-shirts, glow sticks, and other goodies are also available, and anyone who did not dance enough in Boogie’s club can head over to the DJ to have some more fun or relax under the party tent. Spooky Walk truly provides a whole night’s wort of entertainment, including a great number of scares and scenes not covered here, but if you want to experience all the frights you’ll have to see them for yourself! The volunteers have spent months crafting the scenes and terrors here, and the work really shines through; the sets are as detailed as they are numerous, giving Halloween-lovers a perfect opportunity to experience a perfectly frightening atmosphere while supporting a terrific local organization.

For more info on visiting Spooky Walk this Halloween season, including dates & times, photos, videos, and reviews from fellow Haunt Seekers, be sure to check out their profile page!




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