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Love Bites This Valentine's Day Weekend at NYZ Apocalypse

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Lionsgate and NYZ Team Up to Promote Pride, Prejudice and Zombies.

NYZ Apocalypse, NY’s only year round zombie survival experience is at it again with Operation: Holiday.

“It’s a plan to use holidays beyond Halloween to market their unique experience to guests who haven’t heard about NYZ and to shake things up a bit for reoccurring customers” said Paul Fetkowitz, Owner of NYZ Apocalypse.

In December of 2015, NYZ created Santapocalypse. A show themed around creating super soldiers to protect shopping malls during the holiday season that went bad and made zombie Santas-Lots of zombie Santas to be exact and due to the popularity, NYZ thought to try and take on Valentine’s Day.

So, with rave reviews of Santapocalypse from guests and horror entertainment magazine, Fangoria, how could they not?

This time around the shady Apollo Prison System has concocted a chemical weapon to create more love in the world but again, like all things where man plays God, it goes bad and instead produces zombies who want to not only take you out for dinner, but turn you into dinner.

“It’s about fun. Not taking it serious and how could you?…You’re fighting off zombies who are throwing out cheesy pick up lines, kissy faces and if you let them get close enough…Teeth” said Paul Fetkowitz

“We want people to have as much fun as possible, laugh with their date or friend , get scared and have an overall good time” continued Fetkowitz.

NYZ is taking these event opportunities and shifting focus a bit as well, recently they had been contacted by Lionsgate about their upcoming film Pride, Prejudice and Zombies and teaming up to promote it for this weekend’s show on January 29th and 30th. They will be handing out tickets to lucky survivors and other promotional giveaways as well.

The Loving Dead Weekend kicks off February 12th and ends February 13th at NYZ Apocalypse. Tickets are on sale now at www.nyzapocalypse.com



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