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Can You Brave the Killer Countdown Room at Challenge Escape Rooms?

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Take on a challenge like no other to celebrate the Halloween Season by checking out the Killer Countdown Room at Challenge Escape Rooms! The unique escape challenge is taking place at their Franklin Square and Patchogue locations, giving thrill seekers some heart pounding entertainment for the spooky season. 

The scary-good fun begins with visitors chained to a wall, yes, that's right - chained to a wall! But it didn't really begin there, because for the past few weeks, you've felt like you've been being followed. Then you start feeling quite dizzy... and then you pass out.

Upon wakening, you realize you're in a dark room. You've been kidnapped. And it's clear that what goes on in this room is terrible, putting you in serious danger. Will you be able to escape before the killer comes back to finish what he started?

Click here to purchase your tickets today for the Killer Countdown Room! 



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