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Do You Have What it Takes to Brave the Holiday Horror Happening at NYZ Apocalypse?

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NYZ Apocalypse is best known for their zombie survival experiences, but they also do full contact optional survival horror experiences that are immersive, interactive and lot scarier than a normal haunted house.

Escape the Dark: Christmas Evil is a Survival Horror Escape House set in an abandoned prison where a secret society called The Cult of Yule has summoned the Christmas demon Krampus to destroy the world and punish humanity. The summoning is a success and causes a blackout, now Krampus has now possessed several of the cult members and they have become horribly disfigured and resemble demonic elves and Santa Clauses.

Armed with only a single flashlight your mission is to infiltrate The Cult of Yule, gain their trust, complete the initiation process and destroy Krampus. Do not blow your cover or else you risk becoming a sacrifice to Christmas demon.

Escape the Dark: Horrible Hanukkah is a Survival Horror Escape House set in an abandoned prison where it's the last night of Hanukkah and you and your team are sent into an underground prison to rescue a Rabbi exorcising a Dibbuck from the body of female inmate. The Dibbuck's spirit is so powerful that it causes a blackout and has now possessed several of the other inmates and have become horribly disfigured. Armed with only a single flashlight your mission is to infiltrate save the Rabbi and the girl or risk being possessed yourself.

The hit Netflix series Stranger Things is actually based on true events. Montauk NY's now defunct military base Camp Hero was the location of strange government happenings like controversial mind control programs, experiments in inter-dimensional portals, time travel, kidnapping of children, aliens and more.

FROM BEYOND is an intense, interactive, immersive survival horror experience not meant for the faint of heart. It deals with subject matter based on true events and may cause you to question your sanity.

You and your team are private investigators working for the Aurora Institute and are sent into an underground prison where the Montauk Project's most twisted experiments were relocated. Your mission is to uncover the truth about what happened in Montauk at Camp Hero and what sinister plot is unfolding now in the Apollo Prison.

Each teammate has a specific job and will be given specific items. Groups no bigger than four people.  This event is full contact. Must sign waiver.

For more information and tickets visit www.nyzapocalypse.com



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