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'Tis the Season to Experience the Holiday Horror at NYZ Apocalypse!

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There's a new wave of horror that has made its way to Long Island - the Survival Horror Experiences at NYZ Apocalypse of Deer Park. These terrifying experiences are based on video game style gameplay, featuring elements from escape rooms and immersive theatre. These are no haunted houses, but something in a breed of their own!

NYZ Apocalyse began collaborating with New York art collective, Fringe Immersive in July of 2016. They worked on creating a new, innovative way of scaring people all year long and since then, Fringe has created several successful events at NYZ Apocalypse in Deer Park, NY.

Two controversial shows have been announced this December, both holiday themed attractions that are meant to scare the Hell out of guests.

Escape the Dark: Christmas Evil and Escape the Dark: Horrible Hanukkah are designed to put guests directly into the story, interact with characters and their environment. Unlike haunted houses, patrons are not simply walking through and getting scared; they are a very important part of the show!

Will Puntarich, Creative and Marketing Director of NYZ Apocalypse said, “Halloween is not the only time of year to be afraid. You can use any reason, date, holiday to get your fright on. It is easy to just pop out and scare someone. That’s also really boring. Fringe and NYZ want to shake up a system that we believe needs something new. This is it.”

Escape the Dark: Christmas Evil will take place on December 9th and 23rd.
Escape the Dark: Horrible Hanukkah opens December 11th and 18th.

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