F&W Schmitt Farms Haunted Mansion & Nighttime Haunted Maze

  • 26 Pinelawn Road
  • Melville, NY
  • 631-271-FARM (3276)
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The F&W Schmitt Family Farm’s Haunted Mansion of Melville is back for its 19th fall season. Get spooked by the ghouls and goblins at the Haunted Mansion, the Haunted Nighttime Corn Maze, and our newest attraction, The Experiment.

**Guests who post photos to Instagram with the hashtag #SchmittsHaunt will be entered to win VIP entry for 10.**

The farm has a dark and troubling history surrounding a particular doctor who resides there to this day. After a patient gave him a book of ancient texts, strange things began to happen. Murders, otherworldly creatures and bodies in the cornfields are just some of the oddities his “guests” will see. Worse still, the doctor has a new project called The Experiment, where few test subjects have escaped with all their limbs. The doctor is in. Will you get out alive? Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: Opens @ 7pm - Fridays & Saturdays closes at 12 Midnight Sundays Until 11pm


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  • Great place to go for a good time at Halloween!

    I love this place so much! It's only $27 with the coupon off their website and you now get 3 Events! The Haunted Mansion, Corn Maze, and the new "Experiment"! The haunted mansion was amazing like it always is! Very well put together and fantastic actors! The corn maze is just creepy and fun walking in the dark maze, then you get scared at almost every corner! The experiment to me, honestly was great! You really need to enjoy horror movies and allow yourself to have an open mind. It was like being inside a movie, like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The actors were great and I loved it! Way to go everyone at Schmitt's Farm! =D Jimmy

    Posted 10/28/13
  • Pricey but a great Halloween Haunt!

    It is on the expensive side but the actors are great. Would recommend this to anybody who wants a good scare.

    Posted 10/19/13
  • the corn maze was awesome. the house was unreal. i would do it again. i will and am gonna recommend this to anyone well worth the $30. the experiment was good too

    Posted 10/14/13
  • Great haunted mansion and corn maze. The mansion is a Very good length

    Posted 10/13/13
  • Haunted Attractions Done Right!

    I have been going to the Haunted Mansion Of Melville now for 3 years. The past two years have been good but not great. I went last night and all I have to say is this year they blew my mind. Being a Haunted Attraction Critic I travel to numerous Haunts across the Country and write review for my website. I reside on Long Island and the Haunts here have always held a special place in my heart. The Haunted Mansion Of Melville - The Mansion itself was really well done. There was alot to look at in terms of scenery and some of the rooms were very inventive with the way they used the lights. The living room which was just lit with TV white snow was very inventive. There was a guy with an axe who was pacing when I walked in but what got me was the creepy doll in the corner just staring. I liked that it wasn't just people screaming in your face. Now the Dining room I guess it was was a cool use of a chair but the kitchen needed work. There were other rooms in the house that were good but the two that caught me off guard were the Butcher room where they had this big guy who looked like Paul Bunyan and I guess it was either the Attic or Basement but there was stuff EVERYWHERE and there was this devil type creature that got me good. The house over all was very well done just some of the Actors needed a boost as they seemed to lack the energy that I was waiting for. The Haunted Corn Maze - I went into the Corn Maze which I personally love because to me Corn Mazes are one of the best parts of Halloween. The Actors were OK. There were some GREAT animatronic type of scares. Overall I enjoyed the experience and would recommend doing the Combo Pass as I felt it was worth the money. The Experiment - Now this I was VERY hesitant to enter. It was a smaller type of attraction and I didn't know what to expect. I saw the one bad review on here and was expecting to see the same thing. BOY WAS I WRONG! I entered the attraction into this dark and musty quarantined room where we waited to see the show. It was simple but I'd have to say I liked it. We entered the show and sat down. I don't know if the two actors I saw were the same two that they other reviewer on this site saw but I DOUBT IT! These two actors were fantastic. I was in a little bit of a rowdy group and we were a big crowd and yet I found my self cheering when the "Doctor" came out as he didn't have a name like he was a celebrity. There was a cool feel about the show. They did there skit which was cool and then came the movie. I loved it. I got pumbled with bugs, Rained on, Spit on and I have never seen so much fog in my life. The Show is a definite must see on the Island. All in all I congratulate the cast and crew for a job well done. Next week I'm off to Darkside and the Bayville Screampark

    Posted 10/7/13

    HOUSE IS THE ONLY WORTH WHILE THING. CORN MAZE IS NOTHING TO REMEMBER. STAY AWAY FROM EXPERIMENT THING. ITs really stupid, you sit on a bench with everyone and observe two idiot actors that dont amuse me at all. THey make you watch stupid video that is suppose to scare you. Really dumb. Maybe good for a 9 year olds.

    Posted 10/6/13


    Posted 10/2/13
  • Once you clown you never frown

    (With my evil scowl & smirk) I am that absolutely large clown In the clown room. All these reviews are pretty accurate. We really do enjoy every night the house is open. I'm sure I can Speak on behalf of us all, thank you for the support. Glad everyone has enjoyed the efforts put forth by many night and day. Come one, come all for this is a major weekend to spook you all!!! Scare you there ya yellow bellied, lily livered, scardy cats.

    Posted 10/22/12
  • Long wait, but worth it!

    Went with 3 friends last night and had a blast! The corn maze was very creepy, and I really liked the fact that there were periods of time where you keep expecting something to jump out, but nothing happens; you just walked in the dark through the fields and heard the wind blowing the corn...very intense! For the house, I appreciated the guy with the chainsaw walking around through the lines and scaring people, definitely made the wait entertaining :) And the house itself was pretty scary as well, though I was definitely more afraid in the corn maze. Great job Schmitt's!

    Posted 10/21/12
  • Awesome

    Me and my friends loved this place. The line wasn't to long to get in, which is perfect. The first part of the house is super disorienting. You literally don't know where to go. People pop out from everywhere. They even go I their hands and knees to scare you. The clowns are obnoxious and scary just the way they should be. One was absolutely huge, a group of 7 of us tried to push through him and we just stood still. You don't know who's real or fake in there either. Santa is hot. Awesome house

    Posted 10/21/12
  • Awesome!!!!!!

    At first, i was supposed to go to Bayville, but my mom said it was too expensive, so we decided on this. However, I went with my friends, and it was the BEST! We didn't have to wait too long because we went a little early, and the attractions were amazing. The mansion was super scary, but not enough to make it bad, just scary enough that i was screaming but having fun. The corn maze wasn't as scary, but I still LOVE IT. This is great, and I cant wait to go back next year!

    Posted 10/20/12
  • OMG

    The house has always been good but this year was awesome..... they really switched it up with their rooms and stuff. There aren't many houses on the island that can get so gory and still have some of the funniest actors. We were all laughing in shocking one minute to be screaming in the next. They never fail to disappoint are are worth the long line even with the obnoxious kids surrounding you. Can't wait to see what they have in store for next year.

    Posted 10/15/12
  • Outstanding

    This place is fabulous! I go there every year and every year they change it up. This year is over the top. So many new designs and surprises. The bathroom is a trip and the woman in there was a hit with me and my friends. It can not be easy to be creepy and so infectiously funny at the same time, but she is. Kudos to the whole cast!!! The whole house is full of fabulous actors who are much better than their competition. Schmitts always delivers! Best bang for your buck!!

    Posted 10/15/12
  • definitely will come bk

    it was awesome....the maze and the mansion both were and scary

    Posted 10/14/12
  • Never Diasappoints!!!! Loved it

    I come here every year with my friends for our annual "Fright Night". I love coming here because no matter what they deliver the scares!!! Mad props to the cornmaze this year!! The snakes really freaked me out!! 2nd best scare was the beginning in the mansion. Not knowing where you are going in the dark psychologically messes with your brain. especially with the other elements added to the dark!!! Amazing!! some actors were really good!! Love seeing the new changes every year!! Keep changing it up!! thats why I continue to come back year after year!!

    Posted 10/13/12
  • Always loved this haunt, stepped the game up!

    This house has always been good, and it is always different each year. This year is the best they have had IMO, great looking rooms and the scares are great. Corn maze is ok, but this review is for the mansion. Great job this year!

    Posted 10/12/12
  • Absolutely fantastic!

    By far on Long Island this is my favorite haunted attraction! I love the way they changed it up this year from last year, the house seems longer and the actors are at the top of their game. The girl and guy in the plastic room had my friends running and screaming and the graveyard was fantastic! I love the Christmas room and the bathroom with the holographic bugs, I won't give much else away but you guys blew my mind with your use of high quality impressive props and sets as well as very scary actors who obviously love their jobs. Great job! I will be coming back with all my friends very soon! ^.^

    Posted 10/10/12
  • Wow

    Well I gotta say they definitely stepped it up this year... I give much credit to them for always trying new things and arrangements every year. Was very surprised to see the changes and they were well worthwhile. For an opening weekend they did an awesome job and I look forward to coming back towards the end of the month again with different friends. Great haunt as always!

    Posted 10/8/12
  • Improvement from 2011!

    Much improved over 2011 was the corn maze. I've always enjoyed the mansion. Not the scariest but pretty darn good!

    Posted 10/7/12
  • New and Improved is the rumor???

    Heard rumors that they really stepped it up at this haunt this year. Can't wait to go check it out, me and my friends go every year and we love it!!! Always a good scare around every corner .... Happy Halloween

    Posted 9/17/12
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