F&W Schmitt Farms Haunted Mansion & Nighttime Haunted Maze

  • 26 Pinelawn Road
  • Melville, NY
  • 631-271-FARM (3276)
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The F&W Schmitt Family Farm’s Haunted Mansion of Melville is back for its 19th fall season. Get spooked by the ghouls and goblins at the Haunted Mansion, the Haunted Nighttime Corn Maze, and our newest attraction, The Experiment.

**Guests who post photos to Instagram with the hashtag #SchmittsHaunt will be entered to win VIP entry for 10.**

The farm has a dark and troubling history surrounding a particular doctor who resides there to this day. After a patient gave him a book of ancient texts, strange things began to happen. Murders, otherworldly creatures and bodies in the cornfields are just some of the oddities his “guests” will see. Worse still, the doctor has a new project called The Experiment, where few test subjects have escaped with all their limbs. The doctor is in. Will you get out alive? Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: Opens @ 7pm - Fridays & Saturdays closes at 12 Midnight Sundays Until 11pm


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Recent Reviews

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    I loved this haunt and went twice with friends. I went with one friend the first time, had a blast, and had to go again with him and two other friends later that week. I truly think I enjoyed the Maze the most. Not to knock the house - that was great too! but the maze was by far the best to me! I got chased by this creepy clown in the maze and he had me screaming into the dark! Haha. The house had great sets from what I could see (my friends pushed me so fast that I didn't catch some of them) and the ending was awesome. Been wanting to catch a haunted house here on LI for a while now, and am grateful I picked this one. Can't wait to go back next year!!

    Posted 11/13/14

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  • Good but I been to better.

    They get 3 pumpkins for creativity. It was more fun than scary. Two parts scared me, which is fair. The experiment was kinda a waste. The haunted house was fun and the corn maze was the best part because you did not know what to expect. Overall it was entertaining.

    Posted 10/31/14

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  • Funny Night Out

    So originally we were going to go to Darkside but when we looked it up we saw how far out it was as we live in Babylon. We then came here and saw a Haunt in Melville. We went and man were the lines LONGGGGGGGG...BUT they were worth it! #1) The Haunted Mansion - VERY COOL! I loved the house. The actors were really full of energy and the decorations rocked. I really enjoyed the clown section. My friend Janet was screaming all the way through the hanging clowns. They definitely had a lot of dark spots so to say which scares me cause I'm afraid of the Dark. Pig guy got me really good. I LOVED the cemetery. Really well done and I think they had real vines or plants I couldn't tell. I enjoyed also enjoyed the rest of the themes (The Bloody Bathtub Room and the Meat Room). #2) The Corn Maze - This was OK. I enjoyed the outdoor maze which really gave me the feeling of the Harvest time of the year. The actors were OK. The animatronics got me more then the actors which says a lot but I won't knock it. The Maze still got me a few times :) #3) The Experiment - I was very weary about going in here and waiting on such a long line because of some of the Yelp reviews I've seen that said how horrible and stupid this was. All I can tell you is DON'T LISTEN TO THEM. We went in and what made me nervous is that there are no signs telling you what it is. I thought it was a Haunt but It's actually a show. You sit down and enjoy a movie that was pretty cool. It was definitely scary. They got wind of my friend Janets name and that was it. The Overhead Announcements were saying "Ebola Detected...Janet in second row" We were dying laughing from that point forward. Great job and we'll definitely be back next year.

    Posted 10/20/14

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    I was there on Sat night and I had a great time. The corn maze was great and the mansion was worth the wait. The only thing I didn't like was the experiment. It was corny but at least I got to sit down and rest from all the standing around I did waiting on lines.

    Posted 10/20/14

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  • Wasn't worth the money

    I've always heard good things about this place and finally went with my friends last night , but honestly I was disappointed about it. The maze was pretty cool but the mansion was a joke, mostly because the group in front of us was going so slow we caught up to them, so we saw a lot of the actors coming.

    Posted 10/19/14

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  • Bang for your buck

    I went tonight with a friend, the mansion was the first thing we went into, it was good until we caught up to the people in front of us, and the people behind us caught up to all of us so it turned into one huge group. Next we went to The Experiment, it was kind of cool and unique, I didn't like my glasses getting squirted with water. The corn maze was last and by far the best part, I love the long walk through corn stalks. The actors all were great and I enjoyed my night at Schmitts.

    Posted 10/18/14

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  • 2nd Times the Charm

    Hello Long Island, I went to the Haunted House last week and was very surprised. A Great Haunted House and a really good Corn maze. The Experiment was free and it was a really cool addition to the Haunt. Overall Enjoyed all three attractions and will be going back tonight.

    Posted 10/17/14

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  • It was worth it

    Schmitt's daytime haunted mansion was creepy but fun.(I was too afraid to go in the nighttime one) The daytime one is okay for bringing kids.

    Posted 10/16/14

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  • Fun time!

    Me and my brother went last night. All Three attractions were a great value for the Price.

    Posted 10/14/14

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  • Overall Impressive Time!

    Went Last Night and got the Combo Pass. Was a good deal except for the Corn Maze. The Haunted Mansion was really cool! i hate clowns so man did I hate this haunt ;) The Experiment was very interesting. Definitely a new type of experience I enjoyed. The Corn Maze just wasn't scary but was a good effort. We were online for a little while but not to bad. They had some girl playing with Fire outside which was cool!!!!! cause it made the wait a little more enjoyable but then they had Justin Bieber playing? Loose the Pop Music it actually made waiting in your lines unbearable.

    Posted 10/13/14

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    Ok so this was a funny story but I went to the Haunted Mansion last night with my friends expecting another haunt just like Darkside or what not but we were surprised it was actually very good, But where my new took a turn was waiting on line for the experiment. I'm standing there reading signs about how I'm going to get wet? Touched? Loud Noises? Disturbing Images?! I was freaking out and then the time came when the Doctor came outside and let us in through the Door. I walked in and it was a makeshift laboratory! It was dirty and I don't know how they did it but it ACTUALLY SMELLED LIKE A HOSPITAL! I work in a hospital and I knew that smell right away! Now this was all good and I was expecting another walk through until I got into the Main chamber....A FULL STAGE SHOW! I couldn't believe it! Live theater mixed with Video! I couldn't believe how amazing the show was and reading the other post on here..YES! HOLD ON to your hats at the end of the show! This is a PURE GEM and should definitely be advertised more then it is!

    Posted 10/13/14

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  • Change Up.

    Okay so I went Last week with my Brother and this week I took my Fiance. Went through all three attractions and I have to say everything was really tip top. Nice Change in the Experiment! Won't ruin it but man at the end of the show hold on to your hats or they may end up on the other side of the lab ;) Something else new was the inclusion of a Fire Performer! They had a girl twirling Balls of Fire outside the Mansion and they used American Horror Story Music which Made me smile :) It was very entertaining. Also my only complaint I really have to say is that the Mansion, Corn Maze and Experiment were all really good in creating atmosphere but I was waiting online for an hour to get into the Mansion listening to Miley Cryus? What is the deal with the Sweet 16 DJ? The Haunts were great but in all honesty I don't know if I would return to wait online for an hour and be blasted with Teenybopper shit.

    Posted 10/13/14

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  • Very impressed

    Really cool place. There was a fire performance,, creepy clowns, a crazy contortionist, a claustrophobic room, trippy lighting, and a lot more. My friends were really afraid in the pitch black maze. I won't spoil it .. go see for yourself! Experiment and Corn Maze were good but the mansion was really well executed.. Different scares for people with different fears!!

    Posted 10/13/14

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  • wack

    WACK ! the corn maze was not scary at all and the experiment was boring ! just a videocmade no sense at all . The haunted house was the only good thing . dont recommend it to anyone .

    Posted 10/12/14

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  • LOVE!


    Posted 10/10/14

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  • Wonderfully devious!

    As a Haunt Reviewer I have been to Haunts Across the Country and I have to say I love The Haunted Mansion of Melville. I have traveled to a few other haunts this season (Chamber of Horrors, Darkside & Bayville Screampark) and I'm still a loyal fan of this haunt. Every year they change it up and I have never seen the same thing twice. The Corn Maze was Ok but it never really was great anyway so I'd give the Corn Maze 3 Pumpkins. The Experiment I'd give 5 Pumpkins. I loved the show and the effects were so much better then last year. Fantastic Haunt and thank you again for the memories! Regards, James Marsdena

    Posted 10/10/14

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  • One of the Best

    I went to this Haunted House on Saturday and I don't know what the other guy who wrote "A bunch of kids just embarrassing themselves" was on but I loved every aspect of this Haunt. For me I personally loved the Experiment. I thought it was funny and the two actors I saw were throwing furniture across the stage and grabbed my girlfriends head to do an exam. It terrified the fuck out of her as they touch you. It was very HP Lovecraft for me anyway. As for the Haunt I enjoyed the rooms. I like old Dark Haunts, It adds to the feeling of the nostalgic haunts from the 80s. The cornmaze was good but yes I do agree that they let to many groups go to quickly and I too ran into the group in front of me. Overall great job guys I'll be back for Halloween.

    Posted 10/9/14

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  • Was OK

    I used to go every year. I feel like they don't change enough of their show. It is the same every time. Not the rooms exactly but the acting is always stale. Even with that experiment 4d theater, just a bunch of kids embarrassing themselves.

    Posted 10/8/14

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  • Such an awesome time!

    We did the corn maze first after going to another haunted house somewhere else that had a ton of fog. It was dark, it was scary, the actors were actually doing a great job. The only problem was that they didn't wait enough between groups so we kept running into another group of people that was quite large and all the scare was for the 7 year old they had with them. If I could have walked it alone it would have amplified the fear. The haunted mansion was a last minute decision and was so worth it. There's a part where you have to squeeze through this area and it's so scary. The rooms were decorated beautifully and just so well done. Go here!

    Posted 10/6/14

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  • Always a blast

    I love this Haunted House they update alot of the rooms each year so its always fresh. The actors are great and the atmosphere is always impressive. I loved the zombie getting his head blown off video btw. Only suggestion is check your walls for nails one of us got a small cut from feeling the walls to see where we were going. Overall amazing as always.

    Posted 10/4/14

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