Bayville Scream Park

  • 8 Bayville Avenue
  • Bayville, NY
  • 516-62-GHOST
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Long Island's Halloween Theme Park.
5 Thrilling Haunted Attractions

Every year the doors of the Bay Family Mansion are unlocked. The ghosts and ghouls come out to play. They invade all of Bayville Adventure Park. Bayville Adventure Park transforms into a spooky world of frights and surprises to become Bayville Scream park. Featuring Bloodworth Haunted Mansion, Uncle Needle's Fun House of Fear, Temple of Terror, Zombie Pirates and Evil in the Woods!

There is plenty to do for the younger kids this Halloween season. There are 2 "not so scary " haunted houses, the pumpkin bounce, the pumpkin patch the the spooky Halloween Express Train and Hay Ride. They can also get great Halloween snacks at the Creepy cafe like candy apples, cotton candy and popcorn and there are still all the regular attractions of the Adventure Park like Spooky Pirate Miniature golf all decorated for Halloween. Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: Friday & Saturday: Ticket office open from 6pm to 12 midnight Sunday & Weekdays: Ticket office open from 6pm to 10pm Haunted Attractions open at 7pm. Attractions stay open until last guest has finished Kids "Not So Scary" Days - Saturdays, Sundays, Columbus Day & Sept 25th & 26th from 11am to 6pm - Perfect for families with younger children

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Review This Haunt

    I personally pooped on my brand new nikes I was so frightened!!!! My son who I was carrying on my shoulders peed on the back of my neck!!! GREATTTT TIME VERY SCARY!! Families bring napkins

    Posted 10/4/14
  • Amazing

    I loved it. They have a cute girt shop where I got myself t shirts to all the attractions I went too. I also got this awesome candy from the candy shop. Some of that stuff is so hard to find these days.

    Posted 9/30/14
  • Must stop by

    Bayville was awesome today Jell-O shots were cool in a needle and the spooky parade fun for my kids to see at night

    Posted 9/29/14
  • Loved it

    Just stumbled upon this place. Can't tell you how great it was. For a Sunday night it was pretty crowded. I loved the fact they had so much to do apart from the haunted houses. I had something for everyone in my group. I of course did get a five attractions ticket but was to scared to go to all today. They said I can stop by any day they operate to finish the rest of the attractions.

    Posted 9/29/14

    The actors scared me so much that I lost my voice screaming. It was awesome. They have this cool mansion with amazing special affects. Cant wait to do that cool Rope thing they have. I think it was called the Spooky Tree Top. I had one to many drinks so I opted against it tonight.

    Posted 9/29/14
  • Bayvillian

    today I went to Bayville scream park it was amazing the scenery was amazing , the parade was amazing. Best house is blood worth manor.

    Posted 9/28/14
  • Best of the BEST!

    LOVED THIS HAUNTED PARK. Went down with the kids my daughter was scared once the parade went off. They had some loose canon from the woods crawling on the ground. Totally worth going if you haven't been. Must see and they even have a bar. Got the kids some jello shots NON ALCOHOLIC. LOL.

    Posted 9/27/14

    oh my gosh i definitely will be going to bayvillescreampark again and again and again.but......i had fun at 3 out of five favorite had to been the haunted second favorite evil in the third is fun house of terror.the only 2 left is the pirates and temple of terror exhibit.we spend so much money on 5 attractions.when we should of spender money on three like my cousins aunts and uncles did.but so much fun i was totally spooked out go on the top 3 attractions i just listed and even by looking around you will be scared. p.s.-AVOID THE PIRATES AND TEMPLE OF TERROR EXHIBIT

    Posted 9/26/14
  • Pooped my pants

    Literally shit my pants. It's was the scarier thing of my life. Go here

    Posted 9/26/14
  • Bloody

    my friend and I were passing by last week after dinner down the street. We weren't going for the attractions but ended up getting a ticket to blood worth manor. It was definitely worth stopping in! Each room got scarier and scarier! The slaughtered pig room was crazy!

    Posted 9/24/14

    This place was amazing. I purchased a ticket to Bloodworth Mansion and then decided to do all five attractions. That was the best deal - I think it was like less then $10 an attraction. The decor was great - I even got a pumpkin at their little pumpkin patch for some Pie.

    Posted 9/19/14

    I always love going to Bayville Scream Park. The haunted houses are scary, but a lot of fun. The whole atmosphere of the place is great because there is so much to look at. I go every year, and there is always something new and exciting. Everything about it gets me in the Halloween spirit. I am definitely going to go back again before the season is over.

    Posted 9/18/14

    This was one of the most fun places i have ever been, we were all so scared. the haunted houses had so much detail in them, and the actors were really convincing. i had so much fun this fall i am going back as often as i can. IT WAS THE MOST FUN I HAD, (since last year when i went), and i can't wait to take all my friends next time!

    Posted 9/18/14
  • Excited to go again!

    They open this weekend. earlier than any of the other places. It is great at this time because there are no lines.

    Posted 9/10/14
  • September 12 go

    Everyone should go visit it's really scary

    Posted 9/9/14
  • Always great

    Very exciting the fall is almost here and the scream park will be open again. I go very year and always have a great time.

    Posted 8/9/14

    I live about an hour away and it was well worth it coming here, I went with my girlfriend and my bestfriend last weekend (Saturday, October 19th) We preordered the tickets online so we wouldn't have to wait online and we were able to finish all 5 attractions. We started around 7:10 p.m. and finished around 11:30 p.m. The lines were long but went quick. The best last year was Evil in the woods, however, this year our favorite attraction was Bloodworth Manor because they added some new features (this was the second year in a row that we went). All 5 were excellent and we all had a great time. We definitely recommend this haunted house and we cant wait to go again next year, it is scary and so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 10/28/13
  • Best haunted house in New York u guys have to check it out

    Posted 10/25/13
  • Best haunted house in New York!

    I've been to many haunted houses in new york and I have to say that the Bloodworth mansion is the best I went with my family and they all said that they loved it! They did a really good job. I would definitely go back. Prices are pretty inexpensive, the staff was very friendly specially Mica (the manager?) she was very helpful.

    Posted 10/25/13

    So against my better judgement, I decided to give Bayville another try after going 3 years ago. The Scream Park has 5 attractions total, which add up to the length of 2 or maybe 3 regular haunted houses if I'm being generous. They all look fantastic from the outside.... but that's not always the case once you enter. Bloodworth Manor is by far the best. It's about a 10 to 15 minute walkthrough that is overloaded with detailed sets, props, and animatronics. It's completely obvious for the majority however, that you're inside an enormous Butler building, which took me out of the scenes somewhat, and there was nothing enormously creative about it. Just a big budget haunted house. 4/5 Needles Fun House was another solid house which featured some trippy 3D effects as well as a wonderful opening mirror maze and a vortex tunnel as highlights. It's not scary at all.... even the biggest wimp in my group who is DEATHLY afraid of haunted houses went through it without flinching. Still, I enjoyed it anyway. 4/5 Now for the bad ones.... keep in mind, these next 3 haunts barely have any sound at all and are loaded with actors who stand around, not scaring anyone. Temple of Terror is an absolute joke. It's a ridiculously short 'attraction' that has nothing in the way of sets, lighting, or effort put into it. It was also exactly the same as it was 3 years ago and easily the worst haunted house I've ever been in. 0/5 Zombie Pirates has a great opening. As soon as I entered, I thought it had some real potential until I found out I was walking on a miniature golf course. In then became apparent that barely anything had been added to it save a dozen or so props and actors. Because they didn't bother adding any walls, you wind up walking through these gigantic open areas where everyone can tell where the next actor is hiding. There are even parts where you can clearly look over a fence onto the main road where there are people literally 5 feet away from you, not in the attraction. Stuff like this really pulls me out of the experience. This is yet another minimal effort haunt. Some of the pirate stuff that was already there did look cool however so I'll give this one a 1/5 Evil in the Woods had a lot of potential and once again fell through. Barely any sound made it lack tension, and it was usually easy to spot where actors would jump out from. This haunt however did have some nice lighting in areas as well as some high quality props and one very creative scare. 2/5 The Scream Park should be so much better than it actually is, especially for the absurd amount of money they're charging. I wanted to get scared tonight but instead all I got was 5 mostly bad haunted houses that I breezed through in about 45 minutes. Bayville, if you want your ratings to go up, then put the same amount of effort into the last 3 haunts that you clearly put into the first two! And stop charging so much!

    Posted 10/24/13
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