Gateway's Haunted Playhouse

  • 215 South Country Rd.
  • Bellport, NY
  • 631-286-1133
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Journey into the darkest corners of your mind, as you travel through twisted corridors and mind tripping labyrinths, with heart pounding scares at every turn. Your worst nightmare comes to life, as evil spreads through this gruesome haunt.

Professional actors, make-up artists and designers from Long Island’s oldest professional theatre have won this attraction numerous “Best Haunt” awards. Voted #1 on Long Island by News12, named to USA Today’s list of “Top Ten Haunted Houses in New York," one of the Best Haunted Attractions in the USA by

Refreshments available. Recommended for mature audiences.

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- PLUS -
Not So Scary Adventure for Kids
Oct. 11 - Nov 1

Sat & Sun afternoons from noon-4pm

$10 admission includes guided walk-through, Pumpkin Bouncer, Face Painting, Balloons, and more! Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: Open 7pm Sunday - Thursday: until 10PM Friday - Saturday: until 12AM

Admission Costs: Online $25 General Admission
$35 Fast Pass

At the Door $30 General Admission
$40 Fast Pass

Available Discounts: Save $10 on weeknights and Sunday with Facebook coupon

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  • Awesome!

    I went with my boyfriend and it was awesome. We were both scared and screaming! The actors throughout the entire house we're incredible. We will definitely be back next year! We can't wait to see what The Gateway has in store next year. Thank you for an awesome scare!

    Posted 10/30/13
  • Gateway is always number 1!

    Gateway is the best haunted house i have ever been to! You will not be disappointed! i suggest you go on a week night this way you will not waste time waiting on a line. They are a theater usually and are able to use their crew to create this elaborate haunted house. Everything has been throughly researched and goes with the story line that changes yearly. Also your experience changes nightly. I went 3 nights in a row and each experience was completely different. I have acted in a haunted house before and know the tricks and i still left having screamed and jumped through out the whole haunt. Also its $30 for 30 minutes of haunting and if you think about it that way its really not that extensive besides the fact its totally worth it. And you can get discounts if you buy tickets on their website. So all in all best haunted house ever!!!!! Keep it going Gateway!!!

    Posted 10/29/13
  • One of the Best Haunted Houses I have ever been to

    I've been going to Gateways Hauted House for about 4 years now and it changes evey year and it never disapoints us. The props, the actors and spooky story makes it by far one of the best haunted houses there is and I've been to many all over the USA.

    Posted 10/29/13
  • what used to be great is now mediocre

    In past years this has always been one of my favorites, but this year they lost a step. The story line was confusing, the actors were unenthusiastic and untrained. The biggest problem was the shear volume of peoplethey try to push through the haunt. How are you supposed to be scaired or startled when you see whats going to happen when it happens to the group in front of you? I believe they had over a 1000 vistors the night I atrended with the average cost being $30... thats $30000 a night. Slow it down gateway, people are paying good money for the 700 guests instead, youll still make your money. Also give your actors some training make it worth the drive and the money

    Posted 10/28/13
  • Not horrible, but not amazing

    I definitely enjoyed myself going through Gateway. The sets are very elaborate and they make the best use of their space, but unfortunately the actors aren't up to par. There was very little interaction from them; most of them would just stand there and not say a single word or utter a noise at all. The make-up was also very minimalistic.

    Posted 10/27/13
  • Really on..

    Anyone looking for a REALLY SCARY Haunted House to visit for the Halloween season should check out Gateways Haunted Playhouse in Bellport. I went with my kids tonight and OMG!!!! It was REALLY SCARY for sure. It was voted #1 Haunted House on LI and they deliver. Trust me if my daughter did not lead us through I would still be in there somewhere. Have Fun!!

    Posted 10/24/13
  • Better every year!

    This year was great! Scared me good! Actors, props, effects rocked! Only one criticism: tell the actors to NOT scream directly in patron's ears! It's not scary; it's simply infuriating and, quite frankly, painful to the ear. Otherwise, kudos to all for a great haunt!

    Posted 10/24/13
  • Well done and professional

    This haunted house was so put together unlike the usual hole in the walls throughout Long Island and even NYC. I has a couple of good scares and was so impressed with the set up. It's at least 35 minutes and had so many actor everywhere. I love the waiting area set- up and the professional employees. It's so worth the money! Go there, you won't be disappointed. Good time, forget the rest

    Posted 10/24/13
  • Great job

    My daughter son-inlaw 17 yr old granddaughter my husband and myself went this past weekend. We feel it rates up there amongst the plays gateway provides.Haunted house was much larger than we thought and superb. A must go

    Posted 10/22/13
  • GET HERE NOW!!!! Amazing Haunted House!

    I heard about this Haunted House, I am from Maine and have been to Haunted Houses all over the country. I decided to head to Long Island to check this one out after hearing all about it. I want to start by describing the waiting experience. Although the wait times vary, it was well worth it and the wait went fast because of the actors outside. They were so professional and stayed in character superbly. They could use maybe 2-3 more out there due to the large crowds. When you walk into the house you walk up steps and immediately notice the theme of Grimm's Fairy Tales. Walking through what seemed to be an old attic was so creepy. You then enter the outside part of the maze. There is a room with what appears to be a man lady and as he is distracting you a frantic male pops out and is extremely scary. You continue through the maze and arrive at different characters. You then enter a door and get inside the house. The different rooms were amazing and the precise detail is insane. There are heavy bags that appear to be bodies. They are so realistic. You enter a mine and there are a couple people. The mine was probably one of the creepiest parts. You hear whistling and the scares are endless. A boy scares you into a pitch black hallway. The pitch black hallway is the best part. I'm not going to give it away but it is awesome. You are scared into a room of young screaming children and led throughout the rest of the haunt. The effects are insane and the cast is amazing. The makeup and set is so amazing. The makeup is very detailed and looks so cool. Very long path almost 35 minutes! Awesome scares. Well worth the trip. Definitely one of the best Haunted Houses in the country! Make sure you get there!!!!!

    Posted 10/22/13
  • Great Haunted Experience

    This Haunted House was really a blast. Not only was it scary and exciting...if you were able to take some time to appreciate all the elaborate work that went into making it what it was, it was truly a spectacle. It remained true to it's theme throughout. This was my wife's first haunted house....and it was a great one at that!

    Posted 10/22/13
  • Thoroughly enjoyed this haunt!!

    We purchased general admission tickets off Facebook and were able to use a coupon...therefore we paid $20 a ticket. We arrived around 6:45 and there weren't many people ahead of us. There was a bar and snack area set up for the wait and hey opened the doors at 7:00. We waited another 20 minutes inside since many people purchased fast pass and were allowed in ahead of us. Once we walked through the doors and up the stairs I personally was terrified and shaking. The actors were GREAT and kept to characters without flinching. They saw how scared I was and really took advantage of it!! It was all in good fun and I had a great time. My sister had fun too and was just as scared as I was. Of course our husbands claimed they weren't that surprised by anything...but I don't believe either one!! All in all a great night out...worth the money and wait time.

    Posted 10/21/13
  • Truly Something Special

    I traveled to New York this past weekend to visit some of the big, well known, highly advertised haunts in New York City. While waiting for upwards of an hour to go through one of the over hyped haunts, my group started talking to another group who were raving about this haunted house on Long Island that they had gone to the night before. That haunt was Gateway's Haunted Playhouse. They refused to spoil anything about the haunt and urged us to make the drive to Bellport, NY and experience Gateway for ourselves. We were not disappointed. I will try not to spoil any of the scares for you, but I will say that the storytelling that links the whole haunted house together is unique and entertaining. The actors are terrific. At first I was skeptical of how a haunted house that uses a lot of underage children could be terrifying. I was wrong. When your walking outside through a labyrinth of wooden pallets and suddenly you hear/see dead looking children reciting nursery rhymes and disappearing in a flash, it's scary. Just when you think you have the rhythm of the maze figured out, it opens up to reveal various stages where freak show performers are waiting to scare the hell out of you. Lizard Man, Pinhead, Dog Boy, and the Bearded Lady were all great. The ticket taker at the beginning of the freak show had my friend in stitches one second and cowering the next. Somewhere along the way a cannibal cook scared whatever courage and pride we had left right out of us. It was a nonstop, scare after scare, roller coaster. Then you go back inside the house, where the haunt continues and some of the best special effects I've ever experienced in a haunted house are used. I want to keep typing out about everything we experienced but truthfully I've gotten myself more and more excited and eager about Gateway. I literally just stopped typing, went in the other room and asked my husband if he wanted to make the 100 mile drive to go again. He said of course. If you're thinking about going, go. You won't be disappointed. See you again soon Gateway!!

    Posted 10/21/13
  • Best haunt on long island, without a doubt!

    I've gone on opening night the past three years, and look forward to this haunt all year round. Same as the last two years, this house did not dissapoint one bit! As a horror/halloween fanatic, I'm generally a tough critic because i've seen them all. Gateway is worth my time to give a review though. The inside of the house (and outdoor parts) are pretty scary, truly creative, and they're changed up every year! I also love their monsters who walk around while you wait. At no place in gateway are you safe from a scare! :) Love that they have cider and refreshments while you wait, as well as an awesome side show! It's open rain or shine, and very organized as far as the line/wait times. I've recommended this haunt to many, and hope that it continues to run for many more years to come!

    Posted 10/20/13
  • Not What I expected.

    This year was my first time going to Gateway. From the outside, it looks nice and clean and not at all frightening. Inside provided a completely different experience. It felt as thought i was in there for more than an hour when it was actually about 30 minutes. So much went into putting this together. I felt as though i was in a Horror movie which made it even better. Loved it and will gladly go again!

    Posted 10/16/13
  • It was great-

    I brought my granddaughter and one of her friends to the playhouse and they were really scared and had a great time. It was my first time but I will be back.

    Posted 10/16/13

    Definitely one of the best haunted houses I have visited. I was there this weekend and I LOVED IT!!! The wait was long but worth it. My only complaint was the rude cashier at the concession stand. Otherwise, the special effects were great and the actors were scary. Hands down one of the best Haunted houses I have ever visited.

    Posted 10/15/13
  • Gateway does it the best

    We usually visit all the local Haunted Houses and travel to at least one remote new one every year. Out of all of them there is something about Gateway that just completely stands out. There is so much though involved and their system of waiting to enter is hands down the best. I think Darkside also does a great job, but Gateway is the best.

    Posted 10/15/13
  • Not only an awesome haunt ... very cool waiting area !

    The Haunt was AWESOME ! At every turn there was something unexpected. At one point I thought I was being engulfed by some kind of parachute air bag type thing - for me ... that was the worst (best) part ! I thought I'd never come out of it ! Also - it seems like they piped in children reading from some kind of Grimm style horror tail that just added to the insanity. I didn't mind waiting to go under the tent they made it so festive with characters coming in and out. There was food and stuff ... beer/wine, etc - very cool place !!

    Posted 10/15/13
  • they keep it fresh and terrifying.

    you will never go through the same haunt twice here. every year its changed and i feel liek it keeps getting scarier and scarier and more professional! kudos to gateway playhouse. it was great.

    Posted 10/15/13
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