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In a world where ghosts and clowns inhabited a school, fear and terror caused the school board to evacuate the building. Shortly after, the old abandoned haunted school building was sold to a medical practitioner group.

The medical group began providing medical care for rare and dangerous diseases, both mental and physical. The small practice expanded to an entire hospital that contained a quarantine unit, a psychiatric ward and a cafeteria. The practice was flourishing, but little did they know that one of their practitioners would begin to experiment on their patients.

The screams of the patients could be heard all throughout the halls. Electric shock therapy was being used on patients in the mental ward and dissections were being performed regularly. The amount of patients in the psychiatric ward was increasing rapidly. Many new patients were admitted for claiming that clown doctors were administering treatments to them.

All of the diseased bodies were frozen in the cafeteria’s meat locker for further examination. After months of maltreatment, the patients revolted. The revolt destroyed all of the equipment and drove all of the staff to abandon the practice. The building has been left abandoned for 10 years. To this day, passersby have claimed to see patients in the windows of the abandoned building. Some even claim to hear the loud laughter of clowns mixed amongst screams during the late hours of the night... Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: Fridays & Saturdays: 7:00 PM to Midnight Sundays: 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Tickets are sold to one half hour before closing however we reserve the right to stop selling or redeeming tickets if the line is more than an hour wait.

Admission Costs: $ 15.00 Per Person To Save Time Pre-Purchase your tickets at the Deer Park Community Center Directely Tickets must be redemmed one half hour before closing.

Available Discounts: Organization Rates Available EMAIL: DPCCCOACHGREG@AOL.COM

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Review This Haunt

    OMG! What a great time we had last night. Unlike other Haunts you are escorted through the place by some sort of guide. They call out for a “Doctor” and whoever ends up coming out takes you through the whole thing. Our Dr., was Dr. Al Coholic and she was literally nuts! If she wasn’t drunk, Hollywood should be calling her any day now. She was arguing with Dr. Bendover (get it) the whole time, who would show up to harass her during the tour. They might want to start up a standup routine. They’re that funny. She had a mega phone and shouted out random stuff at us and the other people in the haunt. Then she would laugh harder than us. I am going back with my girlfriends but only if I can get an appointment with Dr. Coholic.

    Posted 10/20/14
  • worth it!

    The price is right! The scares are good,and they make you laugh! Big clowns and a creepy zombie lady outside who is stares at you. Go in to be scared,and you will. Went last night,compared to ones that cost double this one is better for your wallet!

    Posted 10/19/14
  • Good fun, great charity

    2 hour wait in line but worth the wait! Kinda low budget, but the kids/volunteers do a fantastic job! Lots of frights and tons of actors for 15$ make this a great haunt!

    Posted 10/19/14
  • Amazing staff especially the Scary Clown in line and Security

    This is an amazing haunt. Three of us came Saturday 10/11/14 which included our son who has autism. He was scared and obsessing about it in line but was so excited to go! The scary clown and scarecrow noticed this as well and was so encouraging trying to calm him down. He explained that it was all make believe and that nobody would touch him. He even took pictures with him. Well we also found out he was the security at the door and we were so grateful to him for doing this! Not only did my son have an "amazing time" in this haunt (those were his words), he wants to come again this weekend! I thank all of the staff here who knew how to scare us and also how to be wonderful human beings!!! Way to go!!!!

    Posted 10/15/14
  • A Must See !!!!!!

    not the same as years past and better than ever with more actors. The nerds must have graduated medical school and are better then last year with some new cronies like Dr. Al Coholic & Dr. Mcdreamy or Mcsteamy?? Well worth the $15 and it go's to a great cause, Children!!!!! Will definitely be back & bringing lots of friends. Great Job Deer Park Community Center!

    Posted 10/14/14
  • Awesome!!

    Great time and great price. My kids dragged me there and I must say I was scared and disoriented the whole time. From the time you walk in to the time you leave characters are everywhere! Special shout out to the hall guys, scientist and that creepy girl with the doll.

    Posted 10/13/14
  • Impressive

    Coming from a woman who has been through many haunted houses.. I was very impressed with what these kids did. I have paid twice the amount at other haunted houses that weren't nearly as good. It was a job well done all around.. From staff to characters to the strobe lights. I will definitely bring my son when he is old enough!

    Posted 10/13/14
  • AMAZING !!

    This was a great haunted house im so glad i chose this one to go to! Well worth the 15$ !! All of the actors were amazing!! They stayed in character the whole time you can tell that all of these kids out a lot of work into this haunted house!! My favorite room was the nursery. It was creepy and scary! Great haunted house !

    Posted 10/12/14
  • Great!

    I loved it! It was Cheap, and it's a great thing to do when you have nothing planned. Could have been a little bit more scary but definetly made me jump a lot

    Posted 10/11/14
  • Amazing

    It was awesome. I suggest anyone go to it who's looking for a good fright. I loved it, the characters did not break characters once, you don't even fell like you're in a gym

    Posted 10/10/14
  • Fun!

    My friend and I went here as our first stop of the night. Definitely a good time. A lot of strobe lights and fog. So much so that I thought the room was spinning at one point. The rooms could have been decorated more and there could have been more time between pop outs to build anticipation but the actors were really awesome. I loved that they incorporate your name throughout the maze. Scariest part was definitely the chainsaw. Absolutely worth the Groupon 2-for $12.

    Posted 10/6/14
  • Loved it.

    Very scary. I deff would go again. I also recommend everyone to stop by and go this October.

    Posted 10/6/14
  • Amazing

    Definitely worth every penny to go in. I will come back this year for a second maybe third time. Favorite part was the head of one of the doctors falling off his shoulders. Amazing how creative these TEENAGE volunteers are

    Posted 10/5/14
  • Great Time

    We Had A Great Time. People scarring inside and out. That's all I'm going to write and the money went to help the kids. Don't want to give anything away.

    Posted 10/4/14


    Posted 10/28/13
  • Awesome Scare

    Went this weekend, excellent scare. From the clown chasing people on a unicycle outside, the nerds nerds scare you and make you laugh, the demons were sick! Loved the acting they stayed in character in each room. They even space the group so you get the whole experience for your group. Great job and done for charity, even better then last year!

    Posted 10/28/13
  • Scary Scary Scary

    I did not know what we were getting into. I was so scared that I could not stop screaming. The zombie nerd at the end was wicked scary. He made my skin crawl and he was in my nightmares. Awesome time for all. Don't miss the grave digger he made me cry till I ran out and into the parking lot. If you want a great night of haunts don't miss Zoombie World you will never forget it. I can't wait for next year !!!!

    Posted 10/27/13
  • Okay haunted house, too long of a wait.

    The haunted house itself was cool (not scary). You can tell a lot of work was put into it. It had a killer clown theme yet there were no clowns until the end which made no sense. I visited this place October 26, 2013 and I can say I won't be going back again. It definitely wasn't scary but children and teens seemed to have enjoyed it. The security was awful, they allowed a group of 16 children (and 2 adults) to cut the entire line after everyone was waiting for over an hour. They were related to one if the guards and that is not a place I want to be if they will allow such behavior. Hour wait for a 2minute haunted house definitely not worth it but the kids enjoy it.

    Posted 10/27/13
  • It was awesome!

    This was the best haunted house I have ever been to. It was really scary. My favorite part was the clowns. The juggler looked really cool. This was defenetly worth going to.

    Posted 10/27/13
  • wow awesome!!

    The scariest I've been to ever...loved it much fun..even while you wait on line...and we loved the nerd..he was awesome

    Posted 10/26/13
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