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In a world where ghosts and clowns inhabited a school, fear and terror caused the school board to evacuate the building. Shortly after, the old abandoned haunted school building was sold to a medical practitioner group.

The medical group began providing medical care for rare and dangerous diseases, both mental and physical. The small practice expanded to an entire hospital that contained a quarantine unit, a psychiatric ward and a cafeteria. The practice was flourishing, but little did they know that one of their practitioners would begin to experiment on their patients.

The screams of the patients could be heard all throughout the halls. Electric shock therapy was being used on patients in the mental ward and dissections were being performed regularly. The amount of patients in the psychiatric ward was increasing rapidly. Many new patients were admitted for claiming that clown doctors were administering treatments to them.

All of the diseased bodies were frozen in the cafeteria’s meat locker for further examination. After months of maltreatment, the patients revolted. The revolt destroyed all of the equipment and drove all of the staff to abandon the practice. The building has been left abandoned for 10 years. To this day, passersby have claimed to see patients in the windows of the abandoned building. Some even claim to hear the loud laughter of clowns mixed amongst screams during the late hours of the night... Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: Saturday, Nov 1st Closing 9:30 due to the weather. Call us at 631 667-6665 to confirm that we are selling tickets past 10:00. Please get there early. We have the right to close the tickets booth down if the lines get to long. This WILL let us give all of customers the same experience.

Admission Costs: $ 15.00 Per Person Cash or Credit Card Accepted

Available Discounts: Organization Rates Available EMAIL: DPCCCOACHGREG@AOL.COM

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Event last updated 27 days ago. Please confirm dates on haunt website before you go.
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Recent Reviews

Review This Haunt

    This haunted house was the best ever a great experience working in it and met so many amazing people!!! PETUNIA IS LIFE

    Posted 11/16/14
  • fab haunted house

    It was an amazing haunted house. Dr. Ben Dover wasn't just creepy he was hottt. And my favorite room was the nursery we watched as a little girl attacked the one really pretty nurse and all remember hearing as my friends and I walked away was "you're going to end up just like nurse perfection" haha overall everything was scary and I'll defiantly come back!!

    Posted 11/16/14
  • Ben & Semore

    Big shoutout to them nerd doctors, quality always is 100%, can't forget to thank the other actors for their great quality scares. I wanna thank Petunia, for always making my tuna salad sandwiches. Dr. Anastesia for easing the pain. Mad scientist man for whelping us from his womb, or was it Ira's mom, not too sure. Those grave people... well at least they tried. By far best actor was Dr. Jamar Lemar Madison Galor Hulor Felar Calor Bradly. You all did great work see you down under.

    Posted 11/15/14
  • Great Year As Always

    The actors at Zombieworld always put their greatest effort up for the customers. Perso al favorites are the two nerd doctors who do an amazing job, chef petunia and the chef that liked salad, doctor pepper and missin ma head, the mad scientist and his minion, the grave girls, and iras mom. Never had i gotten to go to a better haunted house. It was so much fun to visit and I'll always remember it!

    Posted 11/2/14
  • Dr bend over

    This was awesome

    Posted 11/1/14
  • Great job

    Very scary and entertaining. Really liked Doctor Pepper!

    Posted 11/1/14
  • Scary

    This haunted house is worth every penny ! U have to see for ur self !! I can't wait for next year

    Posted 10/31/14
  • Very well done

    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Take the advice from the doctors, don't look into the eyes of the tall guy! Chef petunia, I'm Coming back for seconds!

    Posted 10/29/14
  • Omg

    I have never been so scared of a woman before except my wife, but this chef named petunia omg she scared the hell out of me flying off the table. I thought she was fake. She started chasing me and my wife out of her kitchen into the baby room. Before we got to chef petunia's room, I gave up my wifes name she was the patient. when we were on our way to the lab out pops a nerd who threw worms at me to be honest I don't even know what they were. But over all the deer park zombie world is the best haunted house tht I have walked through they stay in character and work very hard to make U piss yourself, hope you all enjoy and make it out alive when you go through.

    Posted 10/28/14
  • Totally worth it

    I took my wife and 2 kids this Friday night, got there a lil before 7 so the wait would not be that bad, it was a great experience. The said my sons name over and over to each section to alert everyone he was coming, he was terrified. I laughed so hard I was crying, he was so glad to be out of there. The kids did an absolutely fantastic job and I recommend this to all ages!

    Posted 10/27/14
  • Scary and cute guys

    Awhile wait to get in but well worth it. Room after room really impressed me and my friends and kept us on our toes. Oh yea and Mcdreamy isn't just creepy and the tall science man isn't just scary, but both very cute.

    Posted 10/26/14
  • Th

    Walking into the nursery is this creepy woman named chef petunia shes whipping up every group that goes through, she's never in the same spot so always keep you eye open for her, she has some cute things about her but your just gonna have to see for yourself. The price is really good and worth every penny :) just be careful with the killer clowns and the nurds that POp out of every place you can think of and don't get me started with Annabelle and her baby that walk the halls

    Posted 10/26/14
  • Amazing

    This hunted hospital is so fun they do such a great job and they're funny I love it

    Posted 10/26/14
  • Wooooowwww

    It's as great as everyone says! I walked through with a bunch of my friends and got scared around every corner. I nearly peed myself when the really tall guy in a lab coat came out. I was told not to look into his eyes...take that advice! That set the tone for the rest of the place being just as scary. Great job to everyone!!

    Posted 10/25/14
  • Annabelle and Ira

    What to say? They have to tailor the experience for each group. I cant imagine them saying the same thing to kids. I will say that these people are freaking nuts. Annabelle and her baby Ira, who's parentage is questionable as all the freaks claim him/her. Dr. Alcoholic is of her rocker, if she was ever on one. I thought the doctor in the white wig was on stilts but he wasn't and our doctor (the alcoholic) said he was in high school. She was a hoot. Kept calling the last guy in our group, (a cop) her weed guy. When we told her that he was a cop she said that they get the best weed. through a mega phone! The guy harassing our doctor at the end of the hall kept us all amused. Annabelle you were my personal favorite. We're going back tonight with more friends. An excellent time worth the wait.

    Posted 10/25/14
  • Fantastic!

    I am so glad i went through here with my friends! I heard this place was full of young teenage actors and they are all amazing. One part sticks out the most to me and is what was the scariest, the tall scientist man with the crazy white hair. He was super creepy and really scared my whole group, me the most! No great scientist is complete without his assistant, a girl missing most of the skin on her face! Well done!!!

    Posted 10/25/14

    Mcdreamy was hot. Nuff said

    Posted 10/24/14

    Just got back from this and it was amazing! I met Anabelle and she said we were best friends. She said it was a friendship triangle! hahaha They also make it a really personal experience. Make sure you don't say anyone's name or they will remember it the whole time. Its really fun and I loved it!

    Posted 10/24/14
  • Killer Clowns

    The characters are friendly but do a great job at making you scared. Annabelle and Dr. McDreamy were awesome. Great first experience for everybody, especially large groups. The chainsaws and the costumes were awesome, and everybody did an AMAZING job with it. So happy i got the chance to go in.

    Posted 10/24/14

    OMG! What a great time we had last night. Unlike other Haunts you are escorted through the place by some sort of guide. They call out for a “Doctor” and whoever ends up coming out takes you through the whole thing. Our Dr., was Dr. Al Coholic and she was literally nuts! If she wasn’t drunk, Hollywood should be calling her any day now. She was arguing with Dr. Bendover (get it) the whole time, who would show up to harass her during the tour. They might want to start up a standup routine. They’re that funny. She had a mega phone and shouted out random stuff at us and the other people in the haunt. Then she would laugh harder than us. I am going back with my girlfriends but only if I can get an appointment with Dr. Coholic.

    Posted 10/20/14
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